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FX/DonnyFL Moderator

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Donny FL FX Moderator

DonnyFL is known worldwide for producing the finest airgun moderators around. Starting in January of 2019, FX Airgun dealers located in the USA have the option of offering FX Airgun rifles that have a specially designed DonnyFL FX Moderator instead of the standard FX Moderator.

Existing fans of DonnyFL will instantly recognize the clean good looks, anodizing, and machined grooves of the DonnyFL FX Moderator. Sized at 1.38 x 5 inches, the DonnyFL FX Airguns Moderator will provide serious airgun sound dampening abilities due to its mono-core, felt wrapped design. The new DonnyFL FX Moderators are professionally CNC’d, sand blasted and anodized for maximum durability, all at a weight of just 4.5 ounces!Available for:
  • FX Impact 600mm
  • FX Impact 700mm
  • WildCat Mk 2 500mm
  • WildCat Mk 2 700mm .30