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Leshiy Extended Shroud Kit for Standard 250 mm Barrels

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The Leshiy was one of the best new innovative PCP of 2017 and of course there are some of us who like quiet. It was a difficult project to take on due to the offset but once the idea came to mind, it was the design to get the proper fit that took the longest. I am happy to say the Leshiy baffle kit is finally available for the 250 mm barrels. This kit includes the new internal baffle made of aluminum as well as the extension tube.

Compatible with .177 .22 and .25

  • CNC machined
  • Matte black anodized
  • Price includes USPS Priority mail shipping

Please note* Make sure to tighten the front cap really hard. Grab onto the extended shroud and tighten the cap. You want to compress the Oring as much as possible to prevent the metal baffle from moving. If it moves it will sound like a loud hammer slap.