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FX Power Block upgrade kits (Pre-Order)

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The unrelenting innovation continues as FX proudly announces the addition of the rear power block to the FX Impact M3. No rifle has continued to advance what airguns are capable of like the FX Impact.  It's both iconic an beloved for good reasons.

As much as the power plenum stages the power capabilities of the FX Impact, the rear block handles that transfer of power much like a hotrod car's ported and polished intake manifold.  FX has completely redesigned the rear block and the valve house which allows better air flow, efficacy, and power potential. 

Th Power Block will be o particular use for those who desire to shoot in the plenum can now better translate to the pressure behind the slug upon firing, allowing higher speeds and power.  Those shooting heavy slugs are encouraged to add the FX Impact Tungsten Hammer weight to also allow foe higher working pressures. 

This change was a rolling development introduced into FX manufacturing at the beginning of 2022. All FX Impacts manufactured in 2022 have a Power Blocks (though unbranded until now). 2021 M3's can be upgraded to the Power Block and its associated valve house.  Older Impacts can also be upgraded to this new Power Block but will need to have a Power Plenum 720 installed.  (Contact your local dealer for more information as to what your rifle needs).