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FX STX Superior LIners (.177 Pre-Order)

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The groundbreaking Smooth Twist X barrel liner has been further perfected. FX Airguns proudly introduces the new FX Superior Smooth Twist X Barrel Liner (or FX Superior STX). These liners shoot pellets & other brand slugs (NSA for example) very well from our initial testing.

The new Superior STX barrel liners are still created using the patented way of pressing the rifling into the barrel from the outside; but this is now done with a higher degree of precision, lower tolerance, and some other slight modifications that result in a superior liner to the standard STX liners



.Additional Superior liners will be released over the coming months. The Smooth Twist X barrel liner system revolutionized how barrels were made with its ability to swap out liners and easily tailor the barrel to the projectile both now and with future developments. The FX Superior STX Liner showcases the brilliance and versatility of the STX Barrel system by allowing existing FX Airgun owners to upgrade and retrofit their rifle. It is certainly an exciting time to own an FX Airgun