SPAW will be in Arizona for USA BR25m Nationals and EBR 2018, Orders will be delayed shipping 10/1/2018 through 10/24/2018.

.25 Caliber conversion to 60fpe HM1000x

Regular price $549.99

Ready to upgrade for more power and accuracy? This upgrade configures your .25 HM1000x to shoot 34 grain Heavies or MK2 pellets. Upgrade includes Lothar Walter polygonal barrel, your choice of standard or offset carbon fiber moderator. Rifle will be cleaned, new seals and tuned. Chrony spread sheet will be supplied to customer. Customer is responsible for 2 way shipping, and one tin of pellets. Leftover pellets will be shipped with rifle. Note* older rifles may need valve upgrade with added cost.($65.00$)