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Carbon Fiber Buddy Bottle

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Fits Theoben and Rapid Air Weapon rifles that already have 400cc or 500cc bottles. Only available with MKII style inlet, not MFR versions. 

It is a 480cc bottle and has a 250bar fill pressure. These are DOT approved bottles, weight is 1lb 4oz with the neck fitted and charged, approx Bottle length is 10" 1/2 without any stainless fitting. 

*Please note that some stocks may require a slight modification for the bottle to fit properly, an example can be seen in the products detailed images. 

Although the bottle has a fill pressure at 250bar the same as a 500cc bottle, to obtain the best results from your rifle you will need a high pressure regulator fitting, this comes as standard on all HM1000x models. 

If you fill rifles higher than 210bar you will experience a lower starting velocity as standard regulators do not work very well past this fill pressure. 

To have a High Pressure regulator built for your rifle, please contact us to discuss.