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FX Crown MK2 500mm Standard

Regular price $1,374.99

Calibers .177, .22, .25, .30

Weight   Synthetic 6.2lbs

               Walnut    6.5lbs

               Laminate 6.8lbs

               GRS Laminate 9.6lbs

Cocking System     Sidelever

Stock       Synthetic, Walnut,

                Hunter Green Laminate,

                Black Pepper Laminate

                GRS Green Mountain Laminate

Length    500mm 40,25' w/o mod

Barrel      Superlight Superior X

Magazine   22rd-.177

                  18rd- .22



Air Capacity 480cc Carbon Fiber

FIll Pressure 250 bar

Charging Foster QD

Shots per Fill      .177- 200 



                            .30- 45

Muzzle Energy    .177 up to 26fpe

                            .22 up to 50fpe

                            .25 up to 60fpe

                            .30 up to 78fpe

Regulator             AMP reg

Optics Rail        Picatinny with 20 moa added