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FX Crown VP

Regular price $1,349.99

The FX Crown revolutionized what a traditional stocked airgun can be when

it was released in 2017. For the first time a sporter stock air rifle was com-
bined with the full range of adjustability that FX offers. Externally adjustable

regulator, hammer weight, and valve control combined with the ability to
change calibers from .177 all the way up to .30 caliber. On top of that the
Crown introduced to the world the revolutionary Smooth Twist X barrel and
interchangeable barrel liner system.
New for 2019, FX introduces the FX Crown VP. The VP stands for value
priced. Priced at just $1349.99, the Crown VP offers a tremendous amount
of value at its price point. Nothing has changed on the Crown VP except for
a 500cc steel bottle in place of the 480cc carbon fiber bottle. Everything
else is exactly the same as on the standard FX Crown. And the best part is
that at a later date you can upgrade to the carbon fiber bottle if you desire.