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FX Dreamline Lite

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The FX Dream-Lite is one of the lightest airguns ever manufactured by FX. Weighing in around 5.5 lbs (unscoped) the Dream-Lite offers the shooter flexibility and many configuration options. Designed with mobility in mind this gun features a skeleton buttstock, hogue grip and light-weight trigger guard with an integrated picatinny rail. Whether you are in the field hunting or shooting from a bipod on a bench, the Dream-Lite will be up to the task of hitting whatever you are aiming at. We anticipate the Dreamline - Lite model to be one of the most popular airguns in 2019!


  • STX Barrel and Smooth Twist X-Liner (fully rifled)
  • 500mm length barrel in .177 & .22 | 600mm length barrel in .25 & .30
  • *5.5 lbs
  • Adjustable AMP Regulator
  • Adjustable hammer weight and valve
  • Large Capacity Magazine
  • 1/2 inch UNF Threaded shroud
  • Lightweight trigger guard with picatinny rail
  • Skeleton buttstock
  • Hogue AR Grip
  • DonnyFL Moderator add-on options available.

*1/4/2019 - A small number of Dreamlines (select models & calibers) have started making their way to US dealers for testing. Supply will be initially limited as FX USA builds up inventory and we start to fulfill pre-orders. Please contact us for estimated lead times.