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FX DRS Classic Synthetic 700mm

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The FX DRS Classic Synthetic Airgun features a sleek and rugged black synthetic soft-touch stock for the modern adventurer. The design of this airgun delivers a cutting-edge aesthetic combined with comfortability built to endure the demands of the outdoors, with the soft-touch finish providing a secure grip and confidence in every shot you take.

The design that sets the FX DRS Classic Synthetic Airgun apart is the over-the-barrel air tank. It not only creates a more traditional look but also enhances barrel stability, eliminating the need for a conventional carbon fiber bottle. Performance meets perfection with the modular plenum design, cleverly disguised as a traditional magazine and seamlessly integrating with the traditional look of both stocks. The ergonomic feel, achieved through thoughtful design and adjustments, provides a balanced and comfortable experience, setting a new standard in the world of air rifles.

The FX DRS promises a lightweight and easy-to-carry hunting rifle that doesn’t compromise on features. Perfect for both seasoned hunters and competitive shooters, this air rifle isn’t just about looks and offers the important features that you’ve come to expect from a modern air rifle.

The FX DRS classic comes out of the box with a smooth side lever action, a high-capacity magazine refined for larger projectiles, the flexibility to tailor the trigger unit to your exact preferences, and an 11mm dovetail rail. Upgrade options, including a match-grade trigger system, Picatinny rails, plenums, barrel lengths, etc. offer a personalized touch for every shooter.

“If you could sum up ‘Swedish Minimalism’ in one product, it would be the DRS! It has everything you need and nothing you don’t need.”  -Matt Dubber

Product Specs

  • Caliber: .177, .22, .25
  • Weight: 500 barrel – 4.9lbs, 600 barrel – 5.2lbs
  • Length: 500 barrel – 927mm, 600 barrel – 1042mm (*700mm upgrade available)
  • Barrel length: .177 / .22 – 500mm, .25 – 600mm
  • Mini Magazine: .177 – 16 rounds, .22 – 14 rounds, .25 – 12 rounds
  • Air Capacity: 500mm – 208 CC, 600mm – 260CC
  • Smooth side lever cocking system
  • Superior STX Liner
  • Magazine depth 11.3mm
  • Fill Pressure 230 BAR (3335 PSI)
  • Muzzle energy: TBA
  • Pin probe style charging
  • Fully adjustable trigger
  • Modular / Short impulse
  • AMP MKII Regulator
  • 11mm Dovetail rail
  • Synthetic soft touch