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FX Maverick (Sniper .177 N/A)

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The world’s first high power dual regulated airgun.

The FX Maverick is a brand-new platform for FX Airguns. A rifle purpose built from
the ground up with heavier pellet and slug shooting in mind. The Maverick features
the largest power plenum yet on an FX rifle with the latest FX innovation, dual
The Dual FX AMP Regulators is brilliant in its concept and execution. The first
regulator pre-reduces the pressure in preparation for the second regulator. This
provides less stress on the second regulator and achieves a more constant output
pressure with less standard deviations. Both AMP Regulators can be adjusted
externally and should be adjusted in harmony with each other (maintaining a 30-40
BAR difference between the 1st & 2nd regulator).
The Dual Regulators work in tandem with the large 89cc Power Plenum. This large
plenum, paired proportionately with the correct porting and valving, allows for a
more consistent working pressure to be delivered.
FX Maverick owners also have the option of picking up the FX Maverick Slug Power
Kit. This kit includes a heavier hammer and slug pin probes that allow for even more
power and velocities for heavier projectiles.
The Maverick utilizes the same rear power adjuster that was first introduced with
the FX Wildcat MKIII. This breakthrough hammer adjuster allows for both micro and

macro adjustments using the same dial which allows the Maverick to be fully adjust-
ed in harmony with the Dual AMP Regulators for the chosen caliber and projectile.

Like all modern FX Airguns, the Maverick utilizes the world class Smooth Twist X
(STX) Interchangeable Barrel & Liner System. All FX Mavericks ship with Superior
STX Standard liners perfect for shooting pellets, hybrid slugs and lighter weight
slugs. Additional liners are available to tailor to different projectiles.
The Maverick has a more tactical body which will allow for aftermarket components

to be added for further customization. The rifle is a bottle gun with different configu-
rations of the rifle coming with different sized bottles. This rifle comes in three

configurations: The Compact comes with a 300cc carbon fiber bottle, The Sniper
with a 580cc carbon fiber bottle, and The VP (Value Priced) paired with a 400cc
aluminum bottle. All Mavericks have 20 MOA built into the picatinny scope rail,
multiple picatinny accessory rails, standard AR grips and feature the newly
designed rear FX buttpad.
The FX Maverick is an innovative customizable platform with the FX world class
accuracy and adjustability you have come to expect. It delivers all the accuracy and
power that the FX Impact offers, but at a lower price point.
The Maverick itself will remind shooters of both the FX Impact and FX Wildcat. Like
a perfect blend of the two rifles, it offers the absolute best of both worlds.