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FX Panthera Hunter Compact

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 Introducing the new FX Panthera Hunter Compact. A compact pellet shooter that can be configured in multiple ways to be tailored to your style of shooting.

The Panthera Hunter Compact is available in calibers .177 thru .30 using a shortened FX Smooth Twist X Superior barrel (300mm barrel in .177 & .22 cal / 380mm in .25 cal / 395mm in .30 cal). The two smaller calibers use the 62cc Macro Plenum while the .25 & .30 cal barrels utilize a new 115cc Macro XL Plenum. The Hunter Compact comes with a 300cc carbon fiber bottle located in the front of the rifle to give great balance when shooting the rifle off-hand. It comes with a standard AR grip, full picatinny top rail with 20 MOA built in, and a rear stock with adjustable length of pull and adjustable cheek piece as standard.

Shooters can further tailor their rifle with accessories such as the FX Dynamic DoubleAir Adapter Kit which can add the addition of a 300cc carbon fiber bottle to the rear stock allowing a higher shot count. Users can even move the existing 300cc bottle to the back and place a 480cc or 580cc bottle at the front for a massive amount of air!

Additional accessories being released include the Dynamic Compact Length Arca Rail (can be added when configured with the bottle in the rear) and the FX Dynamic Side Accessory Pic Rail Adapter. Also being released is the new FX Dynamic AR Folding Stock adapter. This allows a standard AR buffer tube and butt stock to be affixed to the rifle, reducing the overall length of the rifle when folded to just 26” in length!

The FX Panthera Hunter Compact is a great option for those who plan on shooting pellets and prefer a small, compact package.


 Panthera Hunter Caliber/Length:

.177 & .22 (300mm)

.25 (380mm)

.30 (395mm)