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Saber Tactical Dreamline Chassis

Regular price $575.00

Saber does it again, beautiful light weight aluminum chassis. Featuring Adjustable cheek rest, intergrated bag rider, fully adjustable butt-stock, foward arca swiss and Piccatinny rail. Standard with hinged rear stock, extra large gauge recess for larger upgraded gauges. Modular front rail for tube or bottle guns. accepts any AR grip, FX Grip included. Take your Dreamline to the next level with Saber Tactical. Only avail in black at this time, custom coating can be optioned, Contact us directly.


• Arca Swiss rail with a short picatinny rail in front.

• T slot rail runs along both sides of the Arca Swiss rail to attach any m lok accessories • Foldable stock magnetically secured

• Built in detachable bag rider • Adjustable cheek rest • Our very popular adjustable buttstock

• QD sling mount holes integrated into the stock on both sides

• Authentic FX gun grip

• Weights around 4lbs