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"V" Quick fill system

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The  "V" Quick fill system as fitted to the HM1000x rifles, these were introduced in the summer of 2013 and can now be purchased to fit older HM1000 rifles and any of the Theoben Rapid rifles.

Regulated and Fast flow versions available.

Kit comes with New inlet adaptor, or regulator body.

Main quick fill body complete with gauge and quick fill, gauge and fill are reversible.

Push on dust cover.

Comes with Female Foster style quick coupling.


High pressure versions are available:  Made with a special high pressure seat allowing up to 250bar fill pressures with no deviation in regulated pressures through the bottle charge as the inlet pressure drops. WARNING! make sure your bottle can take 250bar, the Carbon Fiber and most 500cc bottle will take this, check the markings to be sure before fillling